Who am I?

I’m a blog-hopper.  I divide my life between Warsaw and Potato Point and I separate the two lives by operating a confusion of blogs, starting a new one when I leave Australia, and returning to the old Australian one when I come back. Although being babcia draws me to Poland, warsaw2015 is not a grandmother blog (mostly). I’ll be documenting my developing relationship with Warsaw, and occasionally other Polish places, in photos and words.

I hope you’ll join me as I head off to the northern hemisphere for six weeks from late January, and another six weeks in May – June.


If you want to see Warsaw through earlier eyes you can trawl through






bell square




This includes an insanely brief journey through Slovenia, Croatia, Budapest, Vienna and Prague as well as two months in Poland in 2014

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For a taste of my life at Potato Point, check out Potato Point treasures 


or laze around at





9 thoughts on “Who am I?

    • A great time in Warsaw, thanks Paula. The twins are good fun and talk mainly English to me, thank goodness. As to blogs. I start a new one each Warsaw visit, catering for myself rather than my followers – I had no followers when I began this dividing up! The blogs were just an online record. At home it will be snippetsandsnaps now – no more posts on morselsandscraps. Forgive me! And how are you? Did you celebrate your birthday well

      • Good to hear that all i ls well over there :). I’m curious about your photos from Warsaw so I’ll stop by again. I did celebrate it nicely, but the week is so busy now. Take care Meg

  1. well Meg – somehow I meandered here form a few blog clicks – and I think I used to follow one of the morsels and scraps blog – and by the way = I like the way you do your blogging – very personal and that is what it should be – have a great time in Poland

    • Welcome to my worlds. And thank you for appreciating my very personal approach. I sometimes wonder whether it’s pure self-indulgence and lacking in substance, but I find non-personal pieces very hard to write. I’m off to visit you now, on a rainy Warsaw morning.

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